Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hi all. My name is Baby and I am the Big Boss of Not Frumpy.

I have only one complain to make and it's not about any of my customer but about a fellow vendor- Ms. sHoPpEr ( This girl, used my pictures in her post ( and didn't give Not Frumpy any credit.

I won't bore you with the details on how complicated the photo session was, but yeah, credit where credit is due please. Penat photographer aku pakai benang and what nots to make the picture perfect.

That's all... for now.



hai i'm yuyu, i want to share my experience as a customer (not an online boutique owner) when purchasing from this on established online boutique,'C'.

i don't know how to explain, but let me just paste what i sent to her after a very bad experience.
here it goes:

hello <the owner's name>,
i'm sorry that i hav to tell u this very straight. i got offended over a guy who picked up your phone when i called around 5pm something just now. i told u earlier that i'm working and only finish work at 6pm. however, i tried my best which i quickly finish my work and off to ttdi at 5pm. i drove all the way from shah alam anyway... when i called around 5:10, the guy told me that u left ur phone at the same time told me the glads are with him. i told him that i want to collect the shoes. With kinda rude intonation the guy said "cannot! i left ttdi already. about 30minutes ago!". tho i was upset with his statement, i still try to be nice since i am soooooo in love with the shoes,i told him " maybe we can arrange some other day" and he simply said "tomorrow lah!" oh my god! he was like very pushy and has a very bad communication and PR skill. anyway, wut's with 30minutes he left taman tun compared to a customer who drove all the way from shah alam with traffic jam and all that trying her best to comeover to taman tun? seriously, i'm very upset and dissapointed with the service because i look up, C , as a great-establishd online boutique. thought my first experience purchasing would be great but end up with dissapointment. i'd rather purchase the same pair i found in sunway pyramid for rm99. very dissapointed. sorry, but ya... i'm not purchasing for the 'attitude' the guy has shown. hope this will never happen to another customer, some more an online boutique owner cum customer...


Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hi! We're from Trendy Confessions

We're glad there is such a site like this is formed, sometimes its us vendors who get the pinch, no?

Anyway, we haven't really had any real troublemakers except for those who ask for unreasonable discounts. If you asked nicely, we would try and oblige the best we could but some of them really demand discounts in quite a rude way. Actually, what do you guys do when faced with such buyers eh? Do you oblige or tell them that you can't?

Another would be that recently there has a been a number of girls who email in asking questions about the items. Then they ask for pictures. After our reply, they ask for measurements. Then they ask for even more pictures of the item again. Finally they say they don't want one of the item, but will take the other item but... what is the measurement for some other part of the item. Honestly, it's not that we don't want to assist our customers but they should've just asked the questions all in one shot. Sigh. All in a day's work.

We have a great ammount of loyal customers: Diyana, Dalila, Jaclyn Ho, Tassa, Fie, Cheryl Yong, Salmi and many more!
We're glad that we have great support from our customers and friends, we thought we wouldn't be able to manage it.

Cheers to all the vendors out there!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


From: nicole

If you're a buyer, its in the network -I have not been an active buyer in STKL for god knows how long. So tell me, where did you get my email? Or did you just copied from the seller who just mass e-mailed their sales post to you huh? So, this is the so-called 'network' huh? I do not care what others tell you to remove them from the list. I do not care you get 200++ mails a day. I do not care if you call me a nasty person. Coz bottomline is, YOU NEVER HAD MY PERMISSION TO MASS E-MAIL ME IN THE 1ST PLACE BUT YOU DID. I DID NOT ASK TO RECEIVE ANY OF THOSE MAILS, BUT YOU SENT. Pls clear your mind and focus on the subject of this matter. Don't stray from it. Erhm... WHY YOU'RE WELCOME!!! I had to go imagine you said thank you. - Hmm...why would you wanna go all the way and trouble your brain to imagine something that a nasty person will not say? Try this, imagine how great the day would be if you hadn't copied me in your mass e-mail. Chill? Practice what you preach. You're still on me after like what? 3 mails already? Get a life!

*** this is an e-mail forwaded by STITCH PROJECT to VENDORFRIENDS. imagine, how a customer talk to vendors that way? huh!!!


Hey ya...

Just thought I'd let you know I had a bad experience with AMS just recently.
I saw an item I wanted and I immediately emailed her that I wanted it and asked if it would be our usual pick up spot at Centerpoint (I'm a regular). Granted that was at 4am probably.
I got a reply from her at 8-ish am but I was already out of the house by then for a shoot and had no internet access. The email said if we could meet up at Friendsters cafe instead. I got home at 11pm that night and immediately replied her saying sure, no problem.
Next email I got from her was that I did not reply her in time so she sold off my item to some one else... in under 24hours. I really dont think that was fair. My initial email to her was already an order, just a matter of if I can pick it up from another hotspot.
Samantha really let me down this time. I used to vote for her everyday cos I believed they were the best online boutique. I called her to say that it was my last transaction with her. It was VERY unethical to release my order in under 24 hours and being a regular, I have never backed out of any of my purchases from AMS & AMX.
She did apologise and said she will restock for me but I pretty much felt the stab of what she did and declined. I dont think thats how you run an online business. The agreement is stated as 3 days booking.
I've stopped casting my votes for her and have vouch to not shop with her any more. Kinda hurts when you're regular supporter.

Involves yet another Blogshop owner, Nina Alyssa of OLA. She orders a top from me and promises to pay. How could you not trust a blogshop owner right? Turns out after 1 month, never heard from her. Emailed her and she says "OH FORGOT! Thanks for reminding me!"
2 months later after numerous sms and emails, I just called her. She picked up the phone and said "Actually I tak nak that baju anymore" JUST LIKE THAT!!! I screamed and shouted at her and reminded her that she is also a blogshop owner and she should be ashamed of what she did. Followed was a barrage of sms saying sorry. This was the best one... "I didnt want that baju becos my Grandma was sick and I had to balik kampung with no internet" Logic ah? and thru out that WHOLE TIME, she was still updating OLA... with no internet?

Jessica Tan of Penang - She ordered quite a fair bit. Happiness la aku... 1 week pass (no news), 2 weeks (no news), 3 weeks I emailed her (she begged for me to keep the clothes for her and promise to pay soon)... 2MONTHS LATER... I email her again, whats the reply? "Actually how do you bank in money one ah? Why cant you come to Penang huh?" The EPITOME of BODOH!!!! COD to Penang???
GOOD BUYERS? So many la... thats the only reason why i'm still doing this but my two sayangs.
Winnie of Scarletredz
Eiyan - I think she's a favourite with alot of ppl (really good buyer)
Nurul of Love de Shawl
Una of Unashop
Syazanah - she's bought 600+ button badges from me so far!

Mei Ng

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hi my name's ava from Glamour-Luxury

Trouble maker? far so good la..
Only over demanding customer like wanna see picture thru mms
and so on..

My most Appreaciated customer..
Miss Nini from Perak.. fast deal and no fuss.
Miss Intan from Shah Alam.. Really fast deal.
Miss Faradiza frm Selangor..also fast deal no fuss & friendly :)
Miss Farhana from Perak.. no fuss..great customer.
Miss Safiah fm KL..also fast deal..

Hehe..kinda want to mention all but only mention the best.



puteri eiman pun customer i.dah 3 kali die beli. baik gile ok!